Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Update: April 7th, 2010

It has been a very successful week so far!
On monday, my dad & I drove up to Phoenix so we could get some things figured out/bought.
Our first stop was at IKEA, where we spent hours looking at adorable furniture & possible decorations. (it was awesome.)

I had a few things already picked out...but needed to see them in person to be completely sure.
We walked out of that store with 3 tables, 12 chairs, and 4 stools. :]

I have a few other things in mind from there...but those will have to wait until we have more room in our car. (bookshelves, rug, flower pots...)

We stayed overnight & in the morning got some more figured out for the coffee side of things.
Exciting...let me tell you.

Today (Wednesday), Duane & I bought tile for the two bathrooms in the building.
I'll post pictures when the tile has been installed!