Friday, February 18, 2011

Ryan & Katy's Wedding

Remember this?

November 2009...making this patio into something beautiful was a long way away.
This isn't even the worst picture we's just the only one I can find. :]
When I first saw the building, Café Sed is a young idea & I was dizzy from all the work that had to be done before it became anything presentable.

November 2010...I had just opened the shop. The year had passed and I learned many many lessons about patience and the things that really mattered.
Even though the grass still hadn't really grown and flowers were almost nonexistent, my brother & his fiancé loved it when they came to visit.

So much so, that they decided to have their February "destination wedding" here!
February 5th was their special day & the patio has never looked better.

Many of the details were handmade by my new sister-in-law, Katy & her maid of honor, Tara.
Pictures were done by Katy's cousin, Kristi of Imagine Artists.
I cannot wait to see the rest of the ceremony & reception pictures!

xo, Katie May.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

3 fluffy friends.

Woodland friend #3 ended up being a deer.
I'm considering doing a bunch of baby creatures...raccoons, foxes...that sort of thing.
But for now...this will just have to do.

Now I'm getting off the computer to straighten Señorita Squirrel.
Looks like she's a little crooked.

Friday, February 11, 2011

half chipmunk...half squirrel.

I got so excited about my idea of a scone loving squirrel...
that I got right to it.
All afternoon, between customers...
I was half on Facebook (don't judge) and half painting this little guy...

Actually...I decided that this is a Señorita.
A little lady squirrel.
...that looks like a chipmunk.
What do you guys think? Squirrel or chipmunk?

Also! I need another woodland creature doing something around Café Sed.
I'm kinda out of ideas...or rather, I have too many ideas.
So. You guys have until tomorrow to give me ideas.
What animal should it be?
And what should it be doing?
What would you do if you were a friendly woodland creature that just discovered the coolest coffee shop in Magdalena?

new menu & a wise guy.

When we first opened back in November, a lot of things were hurried up & I didn't get much of a chance to make things exactly how I wanted them to be.
I knew that the tweaking would come later.

So. It's later & a few slow days have given me a chance to get creative!

I've re-worked our menu...taken things out, put things in & added a smaller size drink for those who just have a little sed.
With our trusty Cricut machine, a logo sticker, a laminater, hole punch & garden twine...we have the first of our new menus!
What 'ka think? Classy, no?

NEXT! = The Menu Board
With all the changes to the menu, I had to redo the menu board...which isn't very fun...but you gotta' do what 'ka gotta do.



Yeah, it was probably cuter before...I might have gotten a little apathetic & maybe a tad lazy...

I just wanted to get on to project #3.

My FaVoRiTe!

Allow me to introduce you to...the Wise Guy.
Señor Owl.

Señor Owl likes black coffee, free refills & expanding his knowledge of art & culture by spending long, lazy afternoons at Café Sed.

Anyway...onward & upward with our making Café Sed perfect.
I'm thinking about doing a whole bunch of random animals enjoying different parts of Sed.
Maybe a scone loving squirrel?