Thursday, October 28, 2010

This is so long overdue.
I really do feel bad about not keeping everyone more up to date. oops.
The reason is because I still haven't been successful uploading quality photos.
And I figured you all wouldn't be interested in just reading what's going on.
But then this morning...I put myself into your shoes, and decided that I would want to read.

So here I am. My laptop is sitting on the front counter where my cash register will soon be placed.
I'm sipping my very own roasted coffee. mmmm...smooth.
I don't have a stool behind the I'm standing up.

In front of me is a slightly opened door leading to the office where very important business is being done. :]
Beyond that is the meat factory where sample beef sticks are being made (yum!)

Back to the coffee shop.

My coke-a-cola products finally came in yesterday. The little fridge is really cute.

People walk in here & tell me that everything "looks like Katie"...I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing. All well...I like it all!

Yellow silk flowers dot the tables & bookshelf.
My big tissue paper covered Japanese lanterns sway even though the fan isn't on.

Coffee is coming down today.

My yellow polka-dot mug is working nicely. I just glanced over at my other mugs on top of my espresso owl mug is looking at me.

*Phone ringing* *Enrique talking*'s not for me.

I have one last window to de-newspaper. I'll probably do that today.
Also on my list is:
•Displaying Ben's postcards
•Buying napkins

I really wish I could just skype everyone of you & give you all a video tour.

The back patio is nearly finished.
Little green sprouts are popping out of the dirt.
My flowers look happy.

I know this post probably didn't make a whole lotta sense to some people.
But I figured it's better then nothing...and I just wanted to let you know that I most definitely DIDN'T forget about you.

Come down & see it for yourself! :]

Katie May

p.s.-I'm gonna try all day to upload pictures. wish me luck!