Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hello, everyone!
I know that I've done a bad job updating this for the past...month...sorry about that!
So...I'm sure you're looking for new news...
I am currently in Illinois doing a sort of "internship" at a coffee shop in Eureka.

Mika's is the name, great coffee is the game.
..err....something like that.

I've been up here for exactly 2 weeks now...and have 2.5 more weeks to go. WOW! Time is flying!
So far I've run the cash register & pulled a couple of shots of espresso. I'll be learning how to make the rest of the drinks soon and look forward to perfecting those here and in Magdalena.

Anyway, work is being done on the building while I'm gone. But...since I'm not there to see it myself...I have no pictures to share with you all. SORRY!

Have a great rest of the day!