Saturday, July 17, 2010

Big changes!

So the worst thing about being away is...
that you're away.
BUT! The best thing about being away is that changes seem more dramatic.

I was away this time for 3 weeks. Phew.
Would you like to see the changes that have occured since last I updated?

First off (and my favorite):

The adobe wall was cut away to make an arched doorway.
As you can [kind of] see in the 2nd picture...
there is now half a concrete wall on the inside of the doorway.
It's kind of hard to explain not using my hands...but basically...all the empty space between the 2 half-walls will be filled with a glass door. And all the space between the half-walls and the ceiling will be filled up with glass.
So the iron "gate" will be open during the day & closed at night for extra safety.
This whole set-up makes the entrance WAY more inviting.
(Thanks for the idea, Dad!)

As you can see...the walls are finally being plastered with a very nice white plaster.
Which means...paint will soon be on these walls!
And, doesn't that safety cone just look lovely on the faux window?!
I'm thinking about keeping it there.

You can reference to older pictures to see what this red-brick wall looked like before.

While you're at it...find my post about the big ol' holes in my ceiling! Now they're patched up!

AND...that ol' planter is gone too.
I heard that I should have put a tree there.
I heard that I should have put a fountain there.
But no. I'm happy with my decision to take it out & away.
Goodbye, planter friend.

Next post: T-SHIRTS!