Monday, January 24, 2011

Making things look nicer.

Once upon an early winter afternoon...
two señoritas decided to take matters into their own hands and get things done.

The first señorita, Katie May, got to work making a table.
[I use the word "making" VERY loosely. IKEA makes "making" very easy.]

She was told to wait and have a man help her.
But she got tired of waiting & after taking a quick look at the instructions...

She was finished in 20 minutes and is pleased with how it turned out...

The second señorita, Isela, took on the tedious job of organizing the mess of games here at Sed.
Her job took skill, patience, and creativity.

...and she proved that she's got all three. :]


(P.S.-Sorry about the bad quality/flipped around pictures! I haven't gotten around to downloading pictures from my camera & my SD card is full...PhotoBooth will just have to do for today. -kt.)