Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yes, blog stalkers, it's true.
After 5 weeks of absence, Katie is back in Mexico and ready to get to work!

I had a really great time training at Mika's.
The staff there was so wonderful & super patient with me.
I learned all I needed to & now feel way more confident planning things for Sed.

Linda, if you're reading this, THANK YOU!

Now. Obviously...I was ready to get home and eager to see the changes that have happened while I was away.
And you know what they say...

"Things gotta get worse before they get better."

It's true. I mean...sure...I've got a few super big holes in my ceiling...
but look what those holes led to!


And keeps getting better...I mean...CHECK OUT THIS OFFICE!

Pretty exciting, eh?

Duane has some serious foam on his walls.

And he enclosed the arch way to make a little room for his smoker.

ANNNDDDDD...The back side wall is getting repaired!

Lookin' good! :]