Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Update: December 29th

This is what I like to see.
Smiles & people enjoying themselves.

The shop is going good...we've been open for more then two months now & God is still so good!

I'm blown away by how He brings people into the shop who have questions.
I'm more then happy to chat & tell them about my relationship with my Abba.
I have learned more about Mexico's religious culture in the past 2 months then I have in the whole 8 years I've lived in Mexico.
I've learned that if people aren't convinced that what they believe is truth...then they aren't willing to hear what others beliefs are.
They get defensive & their arguments (err...discussions) go around and around in circles like balloons without a point to pop it.

I've learned that I am here to shine Christ's light.
To be His hands & feet.

wait. you might be thinking you've already said that!
I knowww. But I've learned it on a whole new level.

So. The café.
Book sales have soared in the past month.
I love selling books.
I love selling books way more then I love selling anything else.
There is something really special about selling food for the soul.
Food (or drinks...) for the body is great too...
but that's just something that will stick to your hips...not your heart.

I love it when a guy buys a book about being a better dad...
or a women buys a book about purity...
or a parent buys a bible story book to read to their kids...
or a teenager asks for Ted Dekker for Christmas.

I love love love my bookstore.
Café Sed is constantly changing with the seasons...
Hopefully, one day, it will be full of all the best books written.

Right now...I'm planning for the new year.
We're changing our schedule.
We're getting more smoothie flavors (hello, Green Apple & Wildberry!)
I'm hoping to purchase a huge rug for the bookstore.
I'm hoping to purchase some other things to make this all seem just that much cozier.
Like I said before...I'm buying books & books & music & movies & books.
Ever since that dream about the giant bookstore...I've been dreaming of having dozens & hundreds of titles & temas.

So. 2011 will be a blessed year.
I have no idea what changes it will bring to Sed...
but I'm excited to see what God has up His sleeve!