Wednesday, August 3, 2011

cafe sed: art gallery

(I've been meaning to do this post for about three months.)

I get creative on slow days when everything is clean & I don't feel like reading another book...some times my creativity lashes out on a poor old brown door
("He didn't even see it coming!"), sometimes it decides that 3 feet of empty wall space is far too much & something must be done.
Example door:

Example wall:

...and sometimes it means I just reorganize things...

...but it usually just means I paint.
And, sometimes, if I'm really lucky I can even get people into the project with me.
For example, the other day I was doing some paintings of books for the bookstore (posters are just too boring) and it looked like so much fun that four people jumped in to help me.
We got 4 paintings done that afternoon & the bookstore is lookin' good.

Come and see all the artsy fun for yourself!
xo. ,Katie May

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  1. Me gusto el detalle de las pinturas por todo el lugar, está repleto de ellas. ¡qué maravilla! ¡buen trabajo! seguro los pequeños no querrán salir del lugar.