Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Zach & Daniela's Wedding Reception

We had the honor of hosting Zach & Daniela Knobloch's wedding reception in our patio last Sunday!
The wedding planners did a great job decorating for the event & everything was adorable.

Isela, Cassidy Wulf & I served iced vanilla lattés, lemonade, decaf coffee & water at the drink table...guess which drink was most popular! :]

Daniela's brother, Federico, made the cake & my-oh-my! It was a lovely and altogether delicious creation! Great job, Fede!!

I'll leave you all with a few pictures from the day...¡Felicidades, Zach y Daniela!

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  1. Zach & Daniela's Wedding Reception looks outstanding. Thanks a lot dear for these brilliant photos. Well, I also would be marrying in the next month and would be having the wonderland themed reception party at one of the garden inspired NYC venues. Was just wondering if you could help regarding it!